Bioculture, a project by Artwalks (with)

Bioculture is a pilot project in the UK that supports and promotes a consortium of organic winegrowers, called Terroir Marche, as well as our territory, the Marche region, through a new tourism concept. For the very first time, this journey will be undertaken by a group of six young artists of excellence. Much like pioneers, the artists chosen to participate will gather traces and impressions of the inland areas they will cover and give them back to the public in the form of their own creations, compiled in a multimedia app. It will contain not only their works, but also the pathways they will explore and all of the business activities, such as agri-tourism accommodations and restaurants. All of these elements which, along with Terroir Marche, share a commitment to quality of both processes and products, attention to the landscape and the individual, and passion and respect for their work, will make the journey repeatable and welcoming.

About Us

Artwalks (with) is a hands-on platform where new models of artistic production are created and experimented with; at the same time, it also offers an opportunity for the exploration of new spaces for communication. Through innovative artistic processes, Artwalks (with) accompanies and enhances the stories that the territories and the entrepreneurial realities, with whom we collaborate, have to tell us.


Art director: Federico Bomba
Management: Irene Pezzella
Communication specialist: Valentina Fulvio

Sineglossa Creative Ground

Is a rich terrain for experimentation in the realm of the contemporary. Based in the Marche region, it serves as a platform upon which artists, planners and researchers can imagine, conceive and bring forth cultural strategies and happenings on a local as well as an international scale. The goal is to contribute to the transformation of culture into cultures, in other words, to achieve the plural expression of what has been, up to now, only thought of in the singular and to realize it by focusing strongly on the dialogue between those who put out, or express, and those who take in, or absorb.

Progetti attivi (oltre Bioculture):